Project Management

Are you planning an office relocation? Whether you manage small or large scale commercial premises, undertaking a move to another site can demand a lot of your time, and patience!

At Office Movers London, we oversee your office relocation from top to bottom, taking care of everything from a detailed brief through to the move itself. We offer you a comprehensive, risk-free solution for commercial moves.

Planning makes perfect

You will be allocated an experienced project manager to oversee the move, starting with a meticulous planning stage which will be crucial to the efficiency of your move. We will calculate exactly how long the move will take, how much labour will be needed, and all the transportation logistics which are required. Once we know exactly how many resources, how much time, and how much budget will be required, we can put the best possible plan in place. We carry out a complete audit of your business assets so that we know exactly what is being moved.

The right people for the right job

Whether you have heavy equipment, fragile objects, or specialist technology which you need preparing for transportation and setting up in your new location, Office Movers London will assign trained professionals experienced in every element of your move. From IT engineers to logistics experts, we can guarantee that the right people will be assigned to the right tasks.

Communication is key

At Office Movers London, we pride ourselves on being superb communicators, and our project managers possess this quality in abundance. Because we believe that an open dialogue with our customers is essential, you can rely on us for the very best advice on all aspects of your commercial relocation. They will keep you updated throughout the office move process, offering help with space planning at your new site, and assisting you in organising the layout when it comes to moving day. Post-move, we are also there to offer a consultancy on aspects such as duty of care, compliance, and environmental considerations.

Excellence in execution

Our ability to carry out commercial relocations to perfection allows you and your team to focus on the day to day running of your business. Count on Office Movers London for the complete project management of your office move, and reap the benefits of a relocation without a hitch!

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