Office Moving Tips

When it comes to moving to a new office, there are many aspects to consider. From large pieces of furniture and electronics to paperwork and office knick-knacks, everything needs to be packed up and moved. In many ways, an office move is similar to a house move, however, when it comes to commercial moves, usually there is only a very small window of time. If you are in the process of preparing for an office move, we hope the following list of tips will help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Plan the move as early as possible

When it comes to moving offices, you should start planning the move as early as possible. Decide who is responsible for different tasks and how and when they should do these. This organisation will help your team get everything ready for moving day and avoid a last-minute scramble.

Ask each member of staff to pack their own personal belongings and desk items – this will ensure that everyone is on board with the move and nothing of value gets lost. It can also help to use a scaled map of the new office space to plan exactly where the large items will be positioned following the move.

Appoint an experienced office moving company

A full-service moving company will take care of every aspect of your office move, from managing the entire project and providing storage to disposing of any unwanted items. When it comes to moving day, an experienced removals team will be able to load, unload and unpack your entire office, based on your instructions. Ideally, look for recommendations from other businesses and provide as much detail as possible when asking for a quote.

Remember to involve the IT department

One of the biggest complications in any office move is connecting technology in the new office space. Ask your IT department to plan for the transfer of computers, phones, servers and your internet connection as early as possible.

Moving to a new office can be a lot of work, however, planning early and hiring an experienced team of removal professionals will ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan. To find out more about how we can keep your move on track and alleviate stress, please contact our team today.